Maquetas y Diseño

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Custom Mockups: Send us an Email and Receive a Custom Mockup Within One Business Day!

Follow the steps outlined below to receive an accurate depiction of the size you want displayed on your walls.

Step 1: Snap a pic

Take a photo of the space you'd like to hang the piece.

Tip: Take the photo straight-on, standing in the middle of the room.

Step 2: Measure

Measure the width of the wall and/or furniture within the photo.

Step 3: Send

Send an email to

Include the photo(s) of your wall, the measurements, and tell us which piece(s) you'd like seen on your walls.

We will be in contact with you and send you a preview.

Step 4: Review

Within 1 business day, we will send you back a preview!

Augmented Reality Feature: Visualize Our Art on Your Walls From the Comfort of Your Home!

Watch the Video below to learn how to use the AR app, which is featured on every product page.