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"The Farthest Flower"

"The Farthest Flower"

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The Iris Nebula (aka NGC 7023, Caldwell 4, LBN 487, VDB 139) is lit up by its bright central star.

A limited edition photograph of NGC 7023, the Iris Nebula.

Artist-signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Print Materials

Metal Print

Our metal prints are created with ChromaLuxe aluminum, produced using Ultra Chrome DS inks by Epson.

Metallic Paper Print

Our metallic paper prints are created with Lexjet Sunset Photo Metallic, 255 gsm, produced using Lucia Pro Inks from Canon.

Paper prints come with a 1-inch white border for easier mounting and framing options (0.5-inch border for smaller prints). This added border is accounted for in the size description.

Order Info

Each piece is made-to-order; processing will take between 1-2 weeks. Larger pieces will take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

See our Shipping Policy for more info.


What Do I Get With a Limited Edition Print?

Each print is paired with a Certificate of Authenticity of archival quality with the exact information about the piece ordered, including a unique holographic serial number that matches the serial number on the back of your print. The Certificate is signed by the photographer.

Do You Offer Discounts?

You may contact us about progressive volume discounts for multiple print purchases.

Can I License One of Your Images?

Yes, you may contact us regarding licensing.

What if I Want a Custom Crop, Size, or Medium?

Each image is limited to 99 replications. These replications can be made in two different mediums and 3-4 different sizes, as is available on the website.

Custom sizes, crops, or mediums made of an image will count towards the limit of replications.

To submit an order for a custom crop, size, or medium, please send an email to with the following details:

  1. Your First and Last Name
  2. The Title of the Image
  3. The Size of the Crop You Want
  4. The Medium of the Print You Want

We will then send you a confirmation email along with an invoice.

Note: Custom sizes larger than those listed for sale on the website are available upon request.

International Shipping

We do offer International Shipping. Additional Shipping Costs may be incurred by the purchaser, depending on the shipping address.

What is "Archival"?

There is currently no exact definition for "archival"--different organizations define it in different ways and there is no universal testing standard for longevity.

However, this term is loosely used to describe paper and inks that will last an extremely long time without fading or deteriorating if kept under controlled conditions.

Every print and painting you see in a museum is of archival-grade.

Some indicators that determine if a paper is of archival quality:

  • Acid Free
  • Lignin Free
  • 100% Alpha-Cellulose

Acid Free paper can be made from any grade of cellulose and means the paper is lignin- and sulfur-free. Acid free paper has the capability to last between 500 and 1000 years.

Alpha-Cellulose is the highest grade of cellulose, as it is the most stable. When a paper has a high percentage of Alpha-Cellulose, you are guaranteed a stable, permanent medium for inks.

Should I Spray My Print?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer:

Usually, if you are not planning on framing your print behind UV glass, you should spray your print with a protective varnish. This is especially true for matte finish prints.

For semi-glossy, glossy, and metallic prints, this varnish can leave visible residue and actually reduce the glossy appearance, so we highly advise that you avoid any kind of protective varnish or spray.

Reference: Blog "Are All Print Fixative Sprays Created Equal?"

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